• Made by Elves

  • These clever elf cards explain how Santa is able to deliver brand-name goods on Christmas.

Made by Elves

These clever elf cards explain how Santa is able to deliver brand-name goods on Christmas.

Finally, your kids won’t go “Hmmmmm??” when they see Santa’s bundle of brand-name goods on Christmas morning.

Introduce your children to the elves who partnered with big brands to make their gifts. How does it work? Simple!
1. Just write in the brand name on the dotted line under “Made in partnership with.”
2. Include it with the Santa gift.

Problem solved and Christmas saved!

Winner of Creative Child magazine's 2020 "Seal of Excellence" award for kids' holiday themed products!

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Meet the Elves!


Simzy, a long time elf in Santa's workshop, is one of the co-founders of the Original North Pole Workshop. He got the idea to create the company after reading thousands of letters from kids wanting brand name products for Christmas. Simzy has always been an elfpreneur at heart, and his first business was selling hot cocoa to other elves outside the North Pole headquarters of Santa, Inc.


Fleur, a cofounder of the Original North Pole Workshop, has a gift for spotting toy trends. She has traveled thousands of sleigh miles to look for toys and other products that will be hits with the children of the world, and has helped to form partnerships with some of the top brands in the world.


Jaxy has been taking cars and other machines apart since he was a young elf. As head of the Motorized Toys Department, he looks forward to putting his mechanical skills to work building anything that moves. When he is not at the workshop, you can find Jaxy working on his own sports car, an ultra-rare lgloo 286.


Keejun joined the Original North Pole Workshop as head of finance and is super smart about numbers and math. But he also works hard making toys and all sorts of games, like board games and video games. After work, he enjoys getting together with his friends and playing video games.


Faybee loves to shop and she loves fashion. She joined Original North Pole Workshop so she could help make clothes, shoes, and dolls for children. She is super stylish, always happy, and loves bright colors.


Cuddly Jubby is a Stuffed Toy Specialist at the Original North Pole Workshop. Whenever a company needs the workshop to build stuffed animals for them, Jubby is called in to get the job done. He also loves action figures, scooters, skateboards, and snowboards. He loves to snowboard at the North Pole Bowl on the weekends.


If you need a something sporty, Lolly is your elf. She has always been a great elf-lete (an elf athlete) and can outrun any elf at the North Pole. Lolly collects sports memorabilia and would one day love to visit every soccer stadium in the world.