7 Simple "Santa is Real" Hacks

Don't let little Santa skeptics at your home spoil the spirit of Christmas! These clever Santa hacks help prove to your children that Santa is indeed real.

1. The Santa Call

If the Letters to Santa thing is getting a little old for your kids, give Santa a call instead. Enlist the help of Santa (wink, wink--doesn't everyone have a friend or relative with a jolly old voice) to be available for a call to your kiddos and remind him that Santa always uses the "Hide Number" setting on his cell phone before he places a call. After all, he can't be bombarded with phone calls all year long. Have your Santa buddy call at a planned time to talk to the kids and get their personalized Christmas lists.

2. A Letter FROM Santa

Yes, kids love to send letters to Santa, what about the reply? Luckily, there are plenty of ways to get a personalized reply back from Santa. We love this Etsy shop that provides personalized letters back to your children, right from the North Pole. Your kids will treasure this cute reply from the big guy himself. 

3. Santa Snacks

We're not sure how Santa doesn't explode with all the goodies he eats on Christmas Eve, but that's not for us to worry about, now is it? The important thing is to be sure you kids see crumbs on Christmas morning, to know that Santa has indeed enjoyed the treats you left him. Bonus points if he leaves a thank you letter (but if you've stayed up till 1 a.m. assembling the Barbie Dream House, complete with 2,054 stickers to place, no worries on getting it done!).

4. Elfpreneur Cards

Your kids are smarter than you give them credit for being. That means that even though they are pickled as punch to receive their overflowing Santa sacks on Christmas morning, they might be a little suspect when the Nike shoes or Xbox wind up in their Santa sacks. Or maybe it's the ubiquitous "Made in China" label that has them stumped. After all, aren't Santa's elves supposed to be hammering away at toys all year? Just add Elfpreneur cards to the gifts and kids will understand that a group of enterprising elves made their gifts in partnership with these brands. 

5. Reindeer Footprints

Did Santa and his reindeer really make the route? When kids step outside and see reindeer footprints in your yard, they'll be convinced. Even if you live in the desert, reindeer always leave behind snowy footprints, by the way (whew!), and that's because... Well, kids, that's because they pack a lot of snow in their hooves up in the North Pole, and it doesn't readily melt when they take off to deliver gifts. Create a template out of cardboard: A hoof looks a bit like a Pac-Man, a circle with a missing piece of pie, so to speak. Powdered sugar or flour make perfect stand-ins for snow. 

6. NORAD Santa Tracker

Kids are often baffled as to how Santa is able to make it across the globe in one night. I mean, rightly so. If you start doing the math, it gets a little perplexing. Thankfully, the Santa tracker by NORAD will help answer the question. Log on and see exactly where Santa is on Christmas Eve. Thanks to plentiful time zones and a system of toy delivery that can only be described as magical, Santa and his reindeer are able to canvas the globe and get gifts to every child who believes. 

7. Elf on the Shelf in the Box in the Garage

Finally, all of the elf shenanigans you have been doing over the past month can come to an end! No more waking up at 4 a.m. in a panic because your elf hasn't moved. And thanks to Pinterest and Facebook and kids talking among themselves at school, simply moving the elf to a new shelf just won't do anymore. Instead, you've had to come up with ingenious and humorous ways to show how mischievous your elf is. Well, good news: On Christmas Eve, your elf finally heads back to the North Pole for the year. Hurray! And that means that kids waking up on Christmas morning don't need to see the elf in predicament, but rather they need to see to the elf is gone. Ahhhhhh.......