We are the “North American Headquarters” of the Original North Pole Workshop, born out of a need to explain to our children exactly how the brand-name items they asked for at Christmas wound up in their Santa sacks. It’s always been a little confusing for kids: They know Santa’s elves work hard building toys at the North Pole, but what happens when kids want that ultra trendy pair of sneakers? Or the hottest video game of the year? Or even the doll they have seen in stores all year? That’s where things get a little tricky. Kids probably don’t know that a group of clever elf entrepreneurs, the Elfpreneurs, saw an opportunity to partner with these top brands, make the toys at their North Pole headquarters (the Original North Pole Workshop), and send them along on Santa’s sleigh to make it to your homes on Christmas morning. To help with the confusion, the elves include cards in each of these gifts, introducing themselves and their partnership with these brands.

Our elfpreneur™ cards are made in the USA. Thank you for supporting our small business!