Wow! We are so humbled by the enthusiastic response to our Elfpreneur cards and book. Thank you to those of you who have taken the time to email us or leave a review of the book on Amazon. It truly means a lot to us that our products are resonating with you. Again, THANK YOU! Here is a look at what we've been hearing from the media and our customers:


2020 Book of the Year - Kids' Holiday Themed Books (Creative Child)

Seal of Excellence Award for the Elfpreneur Cards - Kids' Holiday Themed Products (Creative Child)


"Great Christmas story! I mentor kids, and around the holidays I like to read them Christmas stories. This one will be my favorite this year — it’s an inventive story about some inventive elves who step in to help a company get their hot, sold-out Christmas toy to kids in time for Christmas. The illustrations are nice and the story is very well written. There are some humorous parts in the book that parents will appreciate, and really, if you are going to read a book over and over again during the holidays, it might as well be fun and funny!" --From Sheree, via Amazon

"This is a well-written children's book that is very practical for the times. It answers the question for children who wonder how Santa delivers brand name toys. It also promotes becoming an entrepreneur and thinking outside of the box, which is a great message for children. The illustrations were done very well. Highly recommend." --From Patricia L., via Amazon


"Such a cute idea! Can't wait to see my kids' reactions when they open their Santa gifts and see one of these cards. They will definitely help explain how they are getting a gift from the North Pole that they have seen in stores. Thank you!" --Mindy B., Scottsdale, Arizona

"I wish I had come up with these cards. My son has been asking for a cell phone for Christmas and he is gonna know full well that Santa didn't make it. But maybe now with an elf card he will get it." --Jen, Ames, Iowa

"Fun idea. Thanks!" --Anna D., El Centro, California 


"A New Christmas Tradition" (Seaside Sundays)